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BredaPhoto announces collaborative crowdfunding project

BredaPhoto is pleased to announce the launch of a crowdfunding project in collaboration with the World Press Photo Foundation and Yournalism.

Posted January 11 2016


Entitled The Absent State: How do People Cope with Economic Inequality and the Decline of Social Security?, the crowdfunding campaign will provide the means to commission five photographers and writers to produce new work that tells the story of economic inequality in their societies. A feature of the project will be photographers and journalists working in tandem so that the power of the visual is enhanced by investigative stories providing context to the pictures.

The project’s premise is that while global poverty rates have declined, social inequality is on the rise. The safety net of the welfare state is being withdrawn in many societies, and is absent in others. How people around the world cope with declining social security will be the focus of the photographers’ investigations.

The campaign will be officially launched by the managing director of the World Press Photo Foundation Lars Boering, and BredaPhoto curator Geert van Eyck, at De Donkere Kamer in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, on 11 January 2016, at 20.00 CET. The campaign will run on the Yournalism platform for 30 days, with the aim of raising 20,000 euros.

The participating photographers are Yannis Kontos (Greece), Alejandro Cegarra (Venezuela), Baudouin Mouanda (Congo), Jia Dai Teng Fei (China) and Bryan Schutmaat (USA). These photographers have been selected because of their previous participation in the World Press Photo Foundation’s Joop Swart Masterclass.

The outcome will be new work and stories exhibited at the 2016 BredaPhoto International Photo Festival from 15 September to 30 October 2016. The exhibition will then travel to other international locations. The goal of reaching a wide audience will also be supported by the production of a photobook —in both print and digital editions— designed by renowned Dutch photobook designer Hans Gremmen.

This project has already received a commitment from The Art of Impact fund to cover the costs of organizing and producing the exhibition. This means the crowdfunding campaign will support the photographers and journalists who will produce the new work.

To support #TheAbsentState project, please go to http://yournalism.nl/en/voorstellen/the-absent-state/


About World Press Photo
The World Press Photo Foundation is a major force in developing and promoting visual journalism. Through one of the most prestigious awards in photojournalism and multimedia storytelling, an exhibition seen by more than three and a half million people worldwide each year, and extensive research and training programs, we strive to inspire, engage, educate, and support both visual journalists and their global audience with fresh insights and new perspectives. Visit: www.worldpressphoto.org

About Yournalism.nl
Since its launch in September 2014, the journalistic platform Yournalism has used crowdfunding to achieve more and better investigative journalism. Using the motto “you decide the next story,” Yournalism successfully financed numerous investigative projects and longreads that made headlines for major newspapers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Visit: www.yournalism.nl