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Week 1 – The Professionals Week

5 September sees the opening of the BredaPhoto Festival with the start of the Professionals Week, where students, graduates, art world actors, aesthetes and professionals have the opportunity to make connections and attend various different events and exhibitions.

And so it begins…

BredaPhoto is pleased to invite all art world professionals, photographers, artists, students and lovers of photography to attend the opening week of the BredaPhoto Festival called the Professionals Week! Participants are invited to attend the various activities and events scheduled in this week and to explore the historic city of Breda. During these events, individuals will broaden their knowledge about the field of photography through workshops, lectures and a research event. It is also the perfect opportunity to make connections with individuals involved in the field of photography and engage in critical discourse about the present and future of photography.

Numerous events and activities

The Professionals Week will start off with a grand opening of the festival to welcome all the participants of the festival with a spectacular performance by various artists. Numerous events and activities will be organized throughout the course of the week such as workshops, artist talks, lectures, a Research LAB, a Talk Show, parties and of course the opening of the exhibitions!

Students invited; with discount!

Are you a photography, film or art student? Someone with a love of photography and an appreciation for the arts and a hunger for knowledge? Or are you just someone that wants to see a historic, beautiful city, have fun and look at breath taking images? Then the first week of the BredaPhoto Festival is just for you! Student get a special 50% discount on the Professionals Week ticket using the code BP-ITP-STUDENT.


BredaPhoto, in partnership with De Rooi Pannen, has organized a campsite where all students/individuals that are interested in attending the BredaPhoto Festival, are invited to stay from 5 to 10 September. The campsite is walking distance from the city center, with easy access to public transport and provides the opportunity for students to socially interact with each other, provide affordable accommodation to experience the internationally acclaimed BredaPhoto Festival, see the beautiful city of Breda and have a lot of fun!

Tickets for the Professionals Week

This ticket allows you to attend all the events and exhibitions during the Professionals Week.
• Ticket Price: € 34,50
• Student 50% ticket discount: € 17,25 with discount code: BP-ITP-STUDENT
Click here to buy your tickets for the Professionals Week and for the Camping.

Camping Packages

Each of the camping packages allows you to stay on the campsite for 5 nights.
• Camping Package S: € 40,- | camping pitch + breakfast
• Camping Package M: € 50,- | camping pitch + tent + breakfast
• Camping Package L: € 80,- | camping pitch + tent + air mattress + pillow + sleeping bag + breakfast
For more information about the camping, please visit stadscampingderooipannen.com

The Professionals Week Program

Wednesday 5 September

Arrival day.  A pre-opening will welcome all the participants, exhibiting photographers, partners, sponsors and press of the Professionals week. It is followed by a spectacular grand opening in the Chassé Theater showcasing dazzling performances by various artists.

Thursday 6 September

Participants are invited to attend a variety of activities, including an artist talk where you will introduced to an artist exhibiting at the BredaPhoto Festival, a lecture presented by a renowned art world professional and a talk show hosted by ‘De Donkere Kamer’. This is also the start off day for the Research LAB, a 48 hour event where more than 100 students, professionals and experts will work on creative solutions for the future challenges of photography.

Friday 7 September

Friday offers numerous activities participants can choose to attend. A workshop, artist talks, lectures and the second and final day of the BredaPhoto Research LAB are open to the participants. It will also be the perfect day just to see the beautiful historic city of Breda or to attend the exhibitions. Students can go out and get acquainted with the nightlife of Breda, which is thriving because of the high student population! The campsite’s central location makes it convenient and easy to get to and from the heart of the city.

Saturday 8 September

On this day BredaPhoto gives visitors the opportunity to get their portfolios reviewed by international professionals such as renowned photographers and curators. The works will then be displayed for the participants and the public to see. A winner will be selected and will get a €1000 cash prize! Artist talks, lectures, a film event, exhibitions, city sight-seeing and a big party in the evening are some things participants can attend!

Sunday 9 September

On the last day of the Professionals Week, you are again welcome to decide between numerous activities organized by BredaPhoto, such as a film event, lectures and artist talks. The day also provides ample opportunities to visit exhibitions or explore the city. The evening will feature a big bonfire event next to the peer in the industrious and hip neighborhood of Belcrum.

Monday 10 September

Day of departure.

Download the brochure for the Professionals Week here: The Professionals Week brochure