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BredaPhoto Festival can be found throughout the city of Breda. There are several outdoor exhibitions you can view for free. To visit the indoor exhibitions you need a ticket or passe-partout.

If you visit the festival for 1 day, you can buy a day ticket. This ticket gives you access to all BredaPhoto Festival locations, exhibitions and activities on that day.

If you find one day too short to see everything, are interested in one of the theme weekends organized by BredaPhoto, our just want to spend a nice weekend in Breda,  then buy yourself a 3 day ticket.

For the true ‘hardcore’ photography-enthusiasts who do not want to miss out on anything at the festival, there is a passe-partout: 7 weeks of enjoying BredaPhoto Festival every the moment you want, with full access to all programmed activities.

very soon the various tickets will be available on this page, where you can then easily order online and pay in our ticket shop.