Kincsõ Bede

Three colors I know in this world

Kincso Bede Three Colors I Know In This World 2020

“Three colors I know in this world” is the first line of the Romanian communist national anthem. This is a personal story about the gulf that the end of communism created between generations. The parents of the Kincsõ Bede generation lived under communism and experienced the changes after the fall of the regime, but her generation does not have this experience. This project is a reflection of that: a history that she has only heard of and was not part of: all the traumas inherited from her parents come together as visions in her head and feelings that she feels in her body.

Kincsõ Bede (1995) is a Romanian visual artist who grew up in a small place in Transylvania, Romania. She is fascinated by the communist past of her homeland, the power of the leader Nicolae Ceaușescu, the control exercised by the security agency Securitate, and how this history is passed down across the generations. Currently Kincsõ lives and works in Budapest, Hungary and she studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

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