Eva Krueger

The Netherlands

Construction - archive travels —
Eva Krueger 2021

Eva Kreuger (1995, NL), lives and works in Haarlem. She holds a BA Photography from AKV | St. Joost Breda where she graduated in 2017. She was selected by Unseen Foundation for Futures Photography platform in 2019 and currently participates in the BredaPhoto support program. In 2021 she received the Artist Start grant from the Mondriaan Fund.

Kreuger uses her archive as the starting point of her work. Seemingly on intuition, she categorizes, combines and edits her vast image collection that consists of analogue pictures bought online, registrations of her earlier exhibitions and photographs taken inside and outside the surrounding of her studio. She constantly expands this archive through an almost obsessive but controlled process of rephotographing and copying. Struggling with the flat surface of the photographic medium, she shifts them back and forth between two and three dimensional objects.

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