Lady Bird

Filmprogramme Vrije Vogels/Birds at Filmhuis Breda

Lady Bird
Filmprogramma Vrije Vogels - Lady Bird

On the occasion of the exhibition Vrije Vogels / Birds – through the lens of top international photographers by BredaPhoto and Grote Kerk Breda, the Filmhuis Breda has put together a special film programme. For the duration of the exhibition, you can watch a film linked to Birds on a Thursday evening every month.

On Thursday evening 26 October, the Filmhuis Breda will screen the second film in the series:

Lady Bird

Lady Bird is the directorial debut of actress Greta Gerwig, who also wrote the screenplay. The film exposes both humour and drama in the turbulent relationship between a mother and her free-spirited teenage daughter. Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson sets herself against her wayward mother, but she is more like her than she thinks. Lady Bird’s mother is a nurse who works extremely hard to ensure a living after her father loses his job. Lady Bird is set in California’s Sacramento in 2002 against the backdrop of a rapidly changing economic climate. The film takes a penetrating look at the relationships that shape us, the ideals that define us and the beauty of a place you can call home.

Directed by Greta Gerwig
Music: Jon Brion
Year: 2017
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Viewing guide: 12 years
Tickets: available via Filmhuis Breda

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