Internationale Talent Program


Marianne Schutte Workshop during the residency 2018

During the 10th edition of BredaPhoto we also host the BredaPhoto Residency. BredaPhoto invites seven talented alumni from the participating art academies to participate in the Residency program 2022. This group of seven graduates creates a work during a six-week residency. At the end of these six weeks, they will exhibit together during BredaPhoto.

Their home for the period will be the old monastery in Breda and their workplace is above the exhibition at Central Station Breda (address: Stationsplein 42). The intention of the residency is to make a new work within the theme of the festival. During the six weeks we will provide a program of Masterclasses and artist dinners for our residents.

The participants of 2022 are:

Ugo Woatzi  (Graduated at Luca Arts Sint Lukas)

Jonas Beerts  (Graduated at KASK Gent)

Noémi Szécsi  (Graduated at MOME Budapest)

Fabien Silvestre Suzor  (Graduated at KASK Antwerpen)

Katja Aßfalg  (Graduated at FH Bielefeld)

Joëlle Dewinter  (Graduated at Luca Arts Narafi, Brussels)

Sonja Luesing  (Graduated at St. Joost, Breda)

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