Primary School

4 - 12 years

Discover the festival 2024 (Groups 6 to 8)

From September 13th to November 3rd, 2024, BredaPhoto will transform the city of Breda into a grand stage for photography and video. For more than seven weeks, international top photographers will showcase their work side by side with young talents, presenting their vision on the theme “Journeys.” The journey serves as a metaphor for the developments everyone experiences in life, sometimes turning everything upside down. This theme resonates well with the world of children, who are also undergoing their own unique journey of development.

Children receive an introduction in the classroom where the festival theme is explained, along with inspiring videos featuring several artists. Afterwards, the children and the teacher visit the festival and receive a guided tour from an experienced guide, who provides background information and poses thought-provoking questions and assignments.Back in the classroom, they will dive into evaluation and assignments, exploring their own journey.

More detailed information about the program will follow soon.

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'I can see, smell, hear, taste and feel art' (Groups 1 to 4)
An introduction to visual understanding

What does this work of art smell like? What do you feel with your feet? What does this work of art taste like? All senses are stimulated. From a smelling game to a barefoot path, from tasting art to listening to music fragments, everything is possible.

‘Kunsttastisch’ is an educational program of Blind Walls Gallery, BredaPhoto and Stedelijk Museum Breda for groups 1 to 4.

Pupils are introduced to visual arts by examining different types of art with all their senses. Every observation is different. It is coloured by what we have seen or experienced before. No matter how young the students are, they learn to observe critically and to discuss this with each other.

Observing becomes wondering! Watching becomes experiencing!
The programme consists of a teaching package of 6 assignments. These are dealt with in 3 or 4 moments. Lessons are conducted in the classroom by the own teacher or by a guest teacher from the museum.

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getting started with focused observation, photography, and technology (Groups 6 to 8)

A photo series is a collection of photographs taken by a photographer, which together tell a story. In this series of lessons, we will explore some of these exceptional photographers and their series, after which we will get started to create a photo series from our own perspective on the world.

What are you curious about? How do you see things? What catches your attention? During the lessons, you will also learn, through various photographic techniques and software programs, how to shape your series in the way you envision.

The program consists of 4 lessons, the first and the last of which will be conducted by a specialized instructor.

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