About us

BredaPhoto exhibits visual stories that inspire, move, confront, raise new questions, and demonstrate that photography is the artistic medium at the heart of society. It is a photo exhibition where you get the chance to view the work of national and international top photographers at unique indoor and outdoor locations in Breda. For seven weeks, the city is a life-size canvas that gives the photos an extra dimension.

Current, stimulating and original

During each edition, thousands of people enjoy the absolute peak of contemporary photography based on an internationally relevant social theme. BredaPhoto is therefore always current, stimulating and original. Not only in terms of content, but also because of the unique presentation of the works.

2022: the tenth edition

BredaPhoto is the largest photo exhibition in the Benelux and takes place every two years in the autumn. In 2022, the tenth edition of BredaPhoto will take place from September 8 to October 23.

Ron Magielse 2019
Ron Magielse 2018

Children & young people
Through an extensive educational program for primary and secondary education, we make children and young people enthusiastic about current photography. Just as important: making a solid contribution to the growth of visual literacy among the youth.

Our visitors
If you love photography, you of course come to BredaPhoto. The exhibition is not only a source of inspiration for professionals (photographers, artists, curators, students) but also for anyone who is interested in photography. The experienced eyes are guaranteed to enjoy the high quality of the works, but there is room for wonder, fantasy, and imagination at every level. Moreover, with its royal past and innovative, creative heart, Breda is a great city to explore!

BredaPhoto Festival – Looking back on previous editions

In 2003, a club of fanatic photo enthusiasts organized BredaPhoto for the first time. The exhibition has since grown into the largest photo exhibition in the Benelux and one of the leading photo exhibitions in Europe. In numbers: the international exhibition has dozens of exhibitions by about 60 photographers and 80,000 visitors.

Work of renowned photographers
Past editions have featured the work of photographers such as Raquel van Haver, Todd R. Darling, Xu Xiaoxiao, Tanya Habjouqa, Martin Parr, Carl De Keyzer, Pieter Hugo, Bloomberg and Chanarin, Todd Hido, Yamamoto Masao and Stephen Gill.

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