Cinema of Dreams: Human

Yann Artus Bertrand

On the occasion of BredaPhoto Festival, BredaPhoto and Chassé Cinema are together organising a serie of film evenings: Cinema of Dreams. Following Theatre of Dreams the themes of hope and change are central. On Tuesday 13 September Cinema of Dreams presents Human by Yann Artus Bertrand.
Cinema of Dreams - Tuesday 13 September

Cinema of Dreams: Human

Tuesday 13 September


7-9.15 PM
Chassé Cinema, Claudius Prinsenlaan 8


€ 10,00, available via Chassé Cinema


French photographer, journalist and ecologist Yann Arthus-Bertrand got thousands of people from different cultural backgrounds to give answers to a lot of life’s questions. Many of the resulting personal anecdotes are included in his ambitious film project Human.

While staring straight into the camera, men, women and children from all over reveal themselves. There are no distractions from what they’re saying, as the background is black. Their countries of origin and names aren’t shown, although they may be referred to in their stories. These are categorized by themes such as happiness, love, marriage, sex, revenge, violence, freedom, homosexuality, poverty and death.

CINEMA OF DREAMS: HUMAN, Tuesday 13 September, 7 - 9.15 PM, Chassé Cinema
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