Cinema of Dreams: Xaraasi Xanne/Crossing Voices

Raphaël Grisey & Bouba Touré

On the occasion of BredaPhoto Festival, BredaPhoto and Chassé Cinema are together organising a serie of film evenings: Cinema of Dreams. Following Theatre of Dreams the themes of hope and change are central. On Tuesday 27 September Cinema of Dreams presents Xaraasi Xanne/Crossing Voices by Raphaël Grisey & Bouba Touré.
Cinema of Dreams - Tuesday 27 September

Cinema of Dreams: Xaraasi Xanne/Crossing Voices

Tuesday 27 September


7-9.15 PM
Chassé Cinema, Claudius Prinsenlaan 8


€ 10,00, available via Chassé Cinema

Xaraasi Xanne/Crossing Voices

Based on rare archives, the exemplary adventure of Somankidi Coura – an agricultural cooperative founded in Mali in 1977 by West African immigrant workers living in workers’ accommodation in France – sheds light on the violence of colonial agriculture and the ecological challenges in Africa today.

CINEMA OF DREAMS: XARAASI XANNE/CROSSING VOICES, Tuesday 27 September, 7 - 9.15 PM, Chassé Cinema
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