The Birds

Filmprogramme Vrije Vogels/Birds at Filmhuis Breda

Filmprogramme Vrije Vogels / Birds - The Birds

On the occasion of the exhibition Birds – through the lens of top international photographers by BredaPhoto and the Grote Kerk Breda, the Filmhuis Breda has put together a special film programme. For the duration of the exhibition, you can watch a film linked to the exhibition Birds on a Thursday evening every month.

On Thursday night 9 November, we will screen the classic not to be missed in the series:

The Birds

Young Melanie meets handsome young lawyer Mitch, who is in a pet shop looking for parakeets to give to his sister. She decides to deliver the birds herself, but in the harbour town where he lives, she is attacked by seagulls and crows. ‘Impossible,’ according to an ornithologist, because ‘birds of different species don’t work together.’ A year after Psycho, Hitchcock made another brilliant horror film, with debutante Hedren as the shining centrepiece. With camera settings and editing techniques, the master filmmaker made ordinary birds scarier than many a computer-generated contemporary monster. Based on a short story by Daphne du Maurier.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Year: 1963
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Viewing guide: 16 years
Tickets: Filmhuis Breda


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