BredaPhoto Extended: Club Solo

SOLO 33 - Wineke Gartz

Wineke Gartz (born 1968, Eindhoven, the Netherlands) involves every element of the spaces where she builds her installations, including their measurments and proportion, natural light, and the history of a space. Together with the drawings, video projections, rhythms, geometric shapes, objects, and soundtrack she adds, everything is unified into an energetic whole. Step into her installations, and you’ll be set in motion. Everything in the room is set up to evoke an intense sense of perception and state of meditation in viewers.

In Club Solo’s main hall, Gartz will be showing The Way Home (2008), a video installation she made for a former nuclear bunker (Safe, Dalfsen), which is being reactivated.

Club Solo, Kloosterlaan 138, Breda

Open from Tuesday till Sunday, 11.00 – 17.00

For more information see the website of Club Solo.

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