BredaPhoto Festival 2024: Journeys

13 September- 3 November 2024

Tina Farifteh Tina in Sexbierum
Mounir Raji Dreamland
BredaPhoto Festival 2024: Journeys

BredaPhoto Festival returns on 13 September 2024 with the theme Journeys, the journey as a metaphor for life-changing development. Whether it is a psychological quest for one’s own identity and a meaningful life, or an intensely physical journey in search of freedom and simply survival, it is these and other stories that fill out the eleventh edition of BredaPhoto. Behind the scenes the team is working hard on the line-up. BredaPhoto is proud to announce the first three names: Rosângela Rennó, Tina Farifteh and Mounir Raji.


In co-production with the Grote Kerk Breda, BredaPhoto presents a site-specific solo exhibition by Brazilian artist Rosângela Rennó (1962) in the heart of the city. For this, Rennó will delve into the history of the Grote Kerk and present this new work in combination with existing work. Rennó is a celebrated artist whose prolific career spans 40 plus years of work. Last summer, she received the prestigious Women in Motion award at the photo festival Les Rencontres d’Arles in France. BredaPhoto and the Grote Kerk are thrilled to be working together with the artist on this exciting exhibition, which will bring renewed attention to her work in the Netherlands and northern Europe.


Iranian-Dutch artist Tina Farifteh (1982) is also creating new work especially for Journeys. Farifteh shows Tina in Sexbierum, a multimedia project about her search for her place in the world. That search takes her to Friesland (in the north of the Netherlands), the village of Sexbierum and the Sedyk. It is a personal story that simultaneously depicts universal themes such as uprooting, the search for a home and the love of the landscape and elements. Tina in Sexbierum is a co-production of BredaPhoto and Prospektor and is realised with support from the Mondriaan Fund and Forhanna Foundation.


With his project Dreamland, Mounir Raji (1982) pays tribute to the Morocco of his dreams. He portrays the country where his family is from and where he himself, born and raised in the Zaan region in the Netherlands, spent summers from his earliest childhood. Mounir Raji captures his second home in the colours of the late summer sun. He shows his memories of warm reunion with family, being able to play outside infinitely and feelings of freedom, trust and hope. His photographs evoke a longing for the land that doesn’t actually exist. “It is my own romanticised view,” Raji says.


Besides these first three names, BredaPhoto will show dozens of other international photographers and artists as well as ten young talents participating in the BredaPhoto International Talent Programme. The young talents can be seen side by side with the established names at surprising locations in Breda. Together, all these makers present a wide range of work, from documentary photography to interdisciplinary installations and video works. In addition, BredaPhoto actively seeks cooperation with other cultural institutions in the city. During the festival, activities in the field of performing arts, literature, heritage and film will take place around the theme of Journeys.

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