Alexey Shlyk

Plastic Age

Alexey Shlyk Plastic Age - Methane Trap
Alexey Shlyk Plastic Age - Transpiration
In Plastic Age, Alexey Shlyk explores human creativity in the field of sustainable inventions. Shlyk delves into the seriousness of his subject with a light touch—combining a colourful aesthetic with a sense of humour.
The relentless increase in the consumption of natural resources, pollution, and global warming portends a bleak future for the world. Plastic continues to spread across the Earth’s surface, contaminating the far corners of oceans and landscapes. Preparing for the worst, Shlyk devises alternative do-it-yourself solutions that may or may not help people survive in the 'plastic age' that we know all too well.
Alexey Shlyk

Alexey Shlyk (b. 1986, Minsk, Belarus ) is a photographer based in Antwerp, Belgium. Shlyk’s approach is installation-based, with the frequent use of staged photography, both in the construction of an image and its presentation. His work often revolves around creativity, the perception of an image, and the relationship between the physical and virtual realms of an image space. In recognition for his work, he has received several nominations and awards including: Carte Blanche Paris Photo (laureate 2017), LensCulture Emerging Talents Award (winner 2017) and most recently, a COVID-19 work grant (together with Ben Van den Berghe) by FOMU Antwerp.

Location: Backer and Rueb park

Alexey Shlyk Plastic Age - Fish of the Day
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