Ilmari Pylvänäinen

Five Hundred Years Dungeon

Ilmari Pylvänäinen Menninkäinen
Ilmari Pylvänäinen Bisnesmies
Five Hundred Years Dungeon focuses on childlike fantasy and imagination. Pylvänäinen playfully presents his self-made imaginative monster masks. The naivety and the theatrical aspect of his work are reinforced by the raw manner of photography and lighting.
Five Hundred Years Dungeon is originally a photographic publication with staged photographs, childhood memories, drawings, photograph and documented toys. The current series shows how photography can be used as a tool to document the imagination and memories of the past. In this way, the photographer cherishes playing and he creates an opportunity to keep his childlike imagination lively despite growing up.
Ilmari Pylvänäinen

Ilmari Pylvänäinen (b. 1998, Helsinki, Finland) is a visual artist based in Helsinki. Pylvänäinen studies photography at the LAB Lahti University of Applied Sciences. He works with photography, graphics, audio-visual projects and publishes zines. His work has been presented in several group exhibitions and printed publications.

Location: Backer and Rueb park

Ilmari Pylvänäinen Minos
Ilmari Pylvänäinen Five Hundred Years Dungeon
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