Kevin Osepa

Klof, Bario di Spiritu

Kevin Osepa Klof, La Protektora
Kevin Osepa Klof, Zumbi Ayo
Klof, which means “chasm” or “gorge”, is a tree-lined road in Curacao. A place surrounded by mystery: from time immemorial there are stories of ghosts hiding there and strange things that happen. These stories have their origin in the revolt of the enslaved against the Dutch oppressors in 1795. Kevin Osepa tells the stories about the past, present and future of Klof, Bario di Spiritu in photography, video, light and soundscapes.
“With this project, I want to investigate how a place can have such a turbulent history to the point that it starts to lead its own life. Especially I want to find out how a generation deals with this history by always connecting new stories to the past thus constantly shaping its significance. The stories range from the magical aspects of experiencing dark forces, to protecting oneself with rituals, to the harsh reality of fatal car accidents.”
How a story transcends and survives with time conveys a lot about the individual, a group, or a population. Klof, Bario di Spiritu serves not only as an introduction to a place that is often ignored but also as a way to sketch a large part of the Dutch Caribbean Identity. An identity that is often disregarded when we talk about the Dutch Kingdom. Post-colonial narratives need to be spotlighted.
Forhanna and BredaPhoto supported Osepa in the development of Klof, Bario di Spiritu, which he is exhibiting in its entirety for the first time at BredaPhoto 2022. The project was made possible, in part, by the Mondriaan Fund.
Kevin Osepa

Kevin Osepa (b. 1994, Curacao) lives and works in Amsterdam. He is fascinated with themes such as afro-spirituality, sexuality, masculinity and decolonisation. His stories are autobiographic in form, but they explore larger social implications and relevance. Osepa uses various media, including photography and film, to tell his stories. In 2020, he was nominated for the Best Short Film at the Netherlands Film Festival.

Location: Stokvishallen

Kevin Osepa KLOF, Papa Kayente
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