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In Paradisum

Koen Hauser Paradisum
Koen Hauser is an enthusiastic horticulturist for whom the outdoors and gardens form a sanctuary in which the repercussion of living our contemporary life dissolve in direct contact with nature.
The complexity of the world and the ways in which we navigate in it tend to alienate us from the very essence of life. With In Paradisum, Hauser investigates the possibilities of restoring a pure and more direct contact with the world. By extracting the sensory experiences of the textures and colours of images using digital methods, he separates them from the concepts and ideas they carry.
For Hauser, the application of techniques goes further than craftsmanship; in many projects it embodies the essence of his visual poetry. In this work, he applies photographic imagery as paint in a way that resembles the ancient Japanese art of marbling, Suminagashi.
By radically distorting the visual qualities of images collected from the public domain, he erases their intended narrative. The results are reminiscent of action painting, where the work derives its power from the direct way in which the colours, textures and kinetic strokes of paint speak to the audience.
In Paradisum presents to us a fluid garden, in which sensory freedom is reclaimed from images that exist in public space, capitalizing on our receptiveness to colours and textures. It proposes that an absence of narrative can opens new ways of experiencing the metaphysical.
Koen Hauser

Koen Hauser (b. 1972, Rijswijk, The Netherlands) obtained a Masters of Science in Social Psychology before graduating at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2002. In both commissioned and autonomous projects, he references imagery from cultural institutes, museums, archives, and the public domain. His work is exhibited across Europe, the United States and China and is represented in both national and international collections.

Website: www.koenhauser.com
Location: Station

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