Martín Weber

Mapa de Sueños Latinoamericanos

Martín Weber Mapa de Sueños Latinoamericanos - To Be A Poet
In a photographic series that he made between 1992 to 2008, Martín Weber posed an evocative query—“What is your dream?”—to several people across Latin American countries. In the Mapa de Sueños Latinoamericanos—which translates to Map of Latin American Dreams—the people Weber encounters are portrayed next to a small blackboard, on which they write their responses to his question. The portraits provide a map of human diversity while capturing the political, economic, and social ills of the region—sometimes eliciting hope, at other points, disbelief.
More than a decade later, Weber returns to the same persons and poses a new question: “Have your dreams come true?” The answers take the form of an eponymous documentary film. Had the dreams survived, had they changed? In a confrontation between the past, present, and future—both real and imagined—a common history joins all these countries and all their characters.
Martín Weber

Martín Weber (b. 1968, Chile), is an Argentinian multimedia artist. He has received several awards, including the: International Award in Photography by CRAF/Italy (2019); Grand Prize on Installations and Alternative Media in Argentina (2016); and the Silver Eye Award (2008). He also received multiple grants, including from the Prince Claus fund and from foundations such as the Guggenheim, Magnum, and Hasselblad.

Martín Weber Mapa de Sueños Latinoamericanos - Silicones
Martín Weber Mapa de Sueños Latinoamericanos - Morirme
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