Noor Boiten

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What is the role of the 'art object' in a world that is rapidly propelling itself towards a symbiosis between physical and digital existence? That is one of the questions that Noor Boiten asks themselves in their most recent work CHEAP GIFS $$$ Buy Now !
Through their fascination with the sudden rise of the NFT (non-fungible token or digital object) and the subsequent invasion of the art market, they speculated on the value of an art object that can exist in both the material and the digital world. Boiten discovered that our desire for material objects is something that can be estimated and calculated. This led to the creation of GIFs - a stereotypical, low-resolution image designed to be reproduced and shared.
Thanks to their digital form, they can be reproduced to infinity - each copy is a technical downgrade of the original - but their physical form, tucked away on individual USBs used for the exhibition, is unique in its kind and therefore resistant to reproduction. The GIFs are thus asking a critical question about the value of the contemporary art object. In the wake of the hybrid art object and its ongoing struggle for authenticity, what does our future offer to the development of our materialism?
Noor Boiten

Noor Boiten (1999, Utrecht, The Netherlands) is a multimedia artist who works with video, photography and installation, with a special interest in philosophy. They live and work in Rotterdam and are currently studying Photography, Film & the Digital at St. Joost School of Art & Design, Breda.

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Noor Boiten CHEAP GIFS $$$ Buy Now ! - Golden Potty
Noor Boiten CHEAP GIFS $$$ Buy Now ! - Scary Man
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