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Forhanna believes the future of photography lies in its potential to tell stories. Therefore they research photographic storytelling, support the production of photographic stories and collect works that have relevant stories to tell in our Forhanna Collection.

BredaPhoto and Forhanna have a long history of cooperation and have thus supported several projects together. For the past three years Forhanna and BredaPhoto have been supporting Kevin Osepa in the development of his project Klof, Bario di Spiritu, in which he examines the shared history of slavery of the Netherlands and the Caribbean from an alternative perspective and in doing so, makes discussion of this history possible.

Klof is the name of a tree-lined road on Curaçao. A place that is surrounded by mystery: there is a tradition of stories about ghosts hiding there and strange things happening. These stories have their origin in the revolt of the enslaved against the Dutch oppressors in 1795. In photography, video, light and soundscapes, Kevin Osepa tells the stories of Klof’s past, present and future. These stories come together in his presentation Klof, Bario di Spiritu at BredaPhoto 2022, where he exhibits the project in its entirety for the first time.

Kevin Osepa Klof, Bario di Spiritu
Kevin Osepa Klof, Bario di Spiritu
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