Cinema of Dreams: Contramaré + Gesture

Daniel Marenco, Pouya Parsamagham

On the occasion of BredaPhoto Festival, BredaPhoto and Chassé Cinema are together organising a serie of film evenings: Cinema of Dreams. Following Theatre of Dreams the themes of hope and change are central. On Sunday 11 September Cinema of Dreams presents Contramaré by Daniel Marenco and Gesture by Pouya Parsamagham.
Cinema of Dreams - Sunday 11 September

Cinema of Dreams: Contramaré + Gesture

Sunday 11 September


3-5 PM
Chassé Cinema, Claudius Prinsenlaan 8


€ 10,00, available via Chassé Cinema


Contramaré is a documentary directed by by Daniel Marenco about people overcoming difficulties in a favela in Rio de Janeiro through music. In Maré, the Maré do Amanhã Orchestra teaches classical music, transforming the perspectives of children and teenagers.



Gesture is a film by Pouya Parsamagham. Ali learns through medical documents the sudden recurence of his son’s incurable genetic disorder. deciding to hide the matter from the rest of the family, he finds himself helpless and starts behaving strangely.

Work by Pouya Parsamagham is also on show in the exhibition Space to Breathe at the Grote Kerk Breda.

CINEMA OF DREAMS: CONTRAMARÉ + GESTURE, Sunday 11 September, 3 - 5 PM, Chassé Cinema
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