Anaïs López


Anaïs López Bloedband
In 1946, the photographer’s grandmother left her two small children, never to return. Seeking to get a grip on her past, the artist obsessively researches her family history. But the deeper she digs, the more grip she loses. How important is it to know your family history?

This film started with a question: “Can I go search for your mother?” Not knowing that pulling on that one thread from the past would unravel her family history forever. Anaïs searched genealogical databases, scoured the internet, administered DNA tests, lost family members and found new uncles and aunts on the other side of the world. Everyone in the family told their own version of history.

Grandma Willy appears to have built a new life in Brazil. Did she ever think about her eldest daughter? When Anaïs comes across a box of photos of her grandmother, she thinks she is finally getting closer to the truth. But staring at those snapshots of her grandmother’s life, she discovers that photos are not irrefutable evidence, but the building blocks of a story, of which everyone makes their own version.

Bloedband (Blood bond) is a film by Anaïs López, produced by Prospektor in co-production with KRO-NCRV.

Anaïs López Bloedband
Anaïs López Bloedband
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