Joost Rutten

The Distance Between One

Joost Rutten The Distance Between One
The project speaks to a search for togetherness and solace in today's absurd world, which is changing faster and faster. As political tensions increase globally, ecological crises become more threatening and social dynamics become increasingly complex, many are left feeling isolated. From the growing gap between economic classes, the mental health crisis and alienation among young people to the rise of conspiracy theories, the artist is concerned that people are becoming estranged from one another. He experienced this himself since the start of the pandemic. As a young person, like many other young people in the Netherlands and around the world, he struggled with the enforced isolation and social distancing.

In this series, Rutten looks beyond his personal experiences and addresses themes of alienation and uncertainty through introspection. With humour and absurdism, he examines the way we humans interact with their surroundings and each other. He uses both improvised and staged elements in his images, attempting to create situations that are odd yet recognisable and leave room for the viewer’s imagination.

Joost Rutten The Distance Between One
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