Thana Faroq

How Shall We Greet the Sun

Thana Faroq
© Thana Faroq Kimiya, from the project ‘How Shall We Greet the Sun'

How Shall We Greet the Sun explores the personal stories and complex emotional lives of a small group of young women refugees living in the Netherlands, including Thana Faroq. It reflects on their shared and individual journeys, casting an eye toward both tangible and metaphorical futures. Many of them are at a point in life where they are navigating the formation of new identities—shaped by new cultural contexts, power dynamics, memories, and nostalgia for the past.

Thana Faroq offers a visual and textual exploration, portraying their ever-evolving identities in the diaspora, formed by present challenges and the echoes of homes we left behind.

“We are in a kind of archaeological restoration programme, where we try to build and construct a new life over the ruins of our past losses. Our homes are under construction. Our bodies are under construction. Our finances are under construction. Our identity is under construction.”
Thana Faroq How Shall We Greet the Sun
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