BredaPhoto X Utopias Lahti: Asetus / Settings

Five BredaPhoto Talents participate in Visual Arts Festival Utopias Lahti

Great news! Five BredaPhoto 2022 talents are participating in Utopias Lahti, a big visual arts festival in Lahti, Finland, which opens 10 May 2023

Asetus / Settings is a group exhibition of five emerging European artists working with lens-based mediums to explore transformations in the image-as-view and image-as-space. The works in the exhibition reflect on ways in which lens-based tools can be used to reclaim and recode experience and culture. Incorporating self-reflexive methods into their working practices, many of the artists simultaneously inquire into the conditions of production, capital value and material boundaries sustaining art work.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Utopias Lahti and BredaPhoto. All the artists participated in The BredaPhoto International Talent Program, which brings together and supports students and alumni from 9 European universities including also Lahti Institute of Design. Their work was on view during BredaPhoto Festival 2022 Theatre of Dreams.

The artists of the the exhibition in Lahti are Fabien Silvestre Suzor (France), Eva Kreuger (The Netherlands), Natacha de Mahieu (Belgium), Noor Boiten (The Netherlands) and Ugo Woatzi (France).

The exhibition takes place in Galleria Nuovo – Lahti’s oldest gallery. The visionary gallery was established by Riitta Nuorivaara-Luhtanen in 1977. The exhibition is open from 10 to 31 May 2023 and entrance is free.

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